Well, fans it is that time of year again! It is time to vote for the "Scariest Haunted Attraction in America". With hundreds of attractions all over the country, it can be a hard task to pin down only one attraction. Well, while only one can and will wear the crown, 13 total will be named as the "13 Top Attractions of 2017". 

Only you can decide the fate of the Top Attractions in the country. Who will it be? Which ones will prove greater than the rest for 2017. Scaring the literal Hell out of people is a hard business. It takes the right environment, atmosphere, set up, time, characters and so much more to come off so scary that people lose total function of their bowels or even chicken out in the end!

Well, many have claimed this but, which ones will our fans choose to take home the trophies deserving of being the best of the best? Vote now! The poll closes on September 1st, 2017 at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time. 

Scariest Haunted Attraction of 2017
Ghoullog - New Hampshire
Destination Haunt - New Hampshire
Haunted Overload - New Hampshire
Fright Kingdom - New Hampshire
Nightmare New England - New Hampshire
Haunted Acres - New Hampshire
Dark Manor Haunted House - Connecticut
Barrett's Haunted Mansion - Massachussetts
Hysteria at Connor's Farm - Massachussetts
13 Nights at Jiminy - Massachussetts
13th World - Rhode Island
Field of Screams - Rhode Island
Nightmare on Wolcott Street - Connecticut
Trail of Terror - Connecticut
Haunt on Eden - Connecticut
The Haunted Graveyard - Connecticut
Dark Walk - Connecticut
Field of Terror - New Jersey
Corner of Chaos - New Jersey
Night Terrors - New Jersey
Bamboo Gardens Walk of Fear - New Jersey
Fear Factory - New Jersey
Brighton Asylum - New Jersey
Haunted Scarehouse - New Jersey
Bloodshed Farms Fearfest - New Jersey
Frightland - Delaware
Screams at the Beach - Delaware
Nightmares Haunted House - Delaware
Legends of the Fog - Maryland
Twisted Fields of Terror - Maryland
Bennett's Curse Haunted Attraction - Maryland
Ocean City Screams - Maryland
Field of Screams - Maryland
Laurel's House of Horrors - Maryland
Krampus in the City - Maryland
Scream City - District of Columbia
Bayville Scream Park - New York
Darkside Haunted House - New York
Frightmare Farms - New York
Pure Terror Scream Park - New York
Goblins Hollow - New York
Gateway's Haunted Playhouse - New York
Headless Horseman Haunted Hayride - New York
Blood Manor - New York
Double M Haunted Hayride - New York
Night Terrors Haunted Farm - New York
Haunt Manor - New York
Frightworld - New York
Rolling Hills Asylum - New York
Field of Screams - Pennsylvania
Jason's Woods - Pennsylvania
Reaper's Revenge - Pennsylvania
Waldorf Estate of Fear - Pennsylvania
Valley of Fear - Pennsylvania
Shocktoberfest - Pennsylvania
Valley of Terror - Pennsylvania
The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride - Pennsylvania
Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill - Pennsylvania
Halloween Park - Pennsylvania
Terror Behind the Walls - Pennsylvania
Sleepy Hollow Hayride - Pennsylvania
Horrorfest at Shady Brook Farms - Pennsylvania
Circle of Screams - Pennsylvania
Hotel of Horror - Pennsylvania
Fear Hollow - Pennsylvania
Shock Walk - Pennsylvania
C. Casola Farms Haunted Attraction - Pennsylvania
Haunted Hillside - Pennsylvania
Haunted Hills Estate - Pennsylvania
Hundred Acres Manor - Pennsylvania
Hell's Hollow Haunt - Pennsylvania
Wells Township Haunted House - Ohio
Scarehouse - Pennsylvania
Fright Factory - Pennsylvania
Spookhaven - Pennsylvania
Haunted Nightmares - Virginia
Cox Farms Fields of Fear - Virginia
Route 29 Haunted Farm - Virginia
Haunted Hunt Club Farm - Virginia
Darkwood Manor - Virginia
The Haunted Forest - Virginia
Trans-Allegheny Lunatics Asylum - West Virginia
Fright Nights - West Virginia
Woods of Terror - North Carolina
Camp Fear - North Carolina
Kersey Valley Spooky Woods - North Carolina
Hickory Grove Haunted Trail - North Carolina
The Fear Factory - North Carolina
Marr Branch Haunted House - North Carolina
Lake Hickory Haunts - North Carolina
Mad World Haunted Attraction - South Carolina
Scream Acres - South Carolina
Nightmares Dungeon - South Carolina
The Fear Farm Haunted House - South Carolina
Hall of Horrors - South Carolina
Booger Jim's Hollow - South Carolina
Netherworld Haunted House - Georgia
Gates of Misery - Georgia
Sinister Suites Haunted Hotel - Georgia
Folklore Haunted House - Georgia
Fear the Woods - Georgia
Pandemic - Georgia
Ominous Descent - Florida
Fright Nights - Florida
The Shallow Grave - Florida
The Shallow Grave - Florida
Xtreme Scare Park - Florida
A Petrified Forest - Florida
Hollis Haunted Chicken House - Alabama
Bailey Haunted Firehouse - Mississippi
Nashville Nightmares - Tennessee
Derailed - Tennessee
Sinister Tombs Haunted House - Kentucky
USS Nightmare - Kentucky
Lake Eerie Fearfest - Ohio
Factory of Terror - Ohio
Horror Acres - Ohio
Carnival of Horrors - Ohio
Fear Forest Haunted Hayride - Ohio
Haunted Cave - Ohio
Spooky Ranch - Ohio
Land of Illusion - Ohio
The Dent Schoolhouse - Ohio
Scream Acres Haunted Cornfield - Ohio
Haunted Planet Experience - Ohio
Hauntville - Ohio
Nightmare in the Wilderness - Ohio
Haunted Backwoods - Ohio
Fortress of Fear - Ohio
Indy Screampark - Indiana
Soul Takers Acres - Indiana
Stillwell Manor Haunted House - Indiana
Indiana Fear Farm - Indiana
Evil on Eerie - Indiana
Statesville Haunted Prison - Indiana
Frite Lodge - Indiana
Erebus - Michigan
Dark Legacy Haunted House - Michigan
Scarefest - Screampark - Michigan
Deadland Haunted House - Michigan
Night Terrors - Michigan
Hush Haunted Thrillpark - Michigan
Jackson's Underworld - Michigan
Screams in the Dark - Michigan
Awaken Haunted Attraction - Michigan
Abandoned Haunted House - Wisconsin
Burial Chambers Haunted House - Wisconsin
The Hill Has Eyes - Wisconsin
The Dark Side Haunted Attraction - Wisconsin
Dungeon of Doom - Illinois
Spirits of the Night - Wisconsin
Chamber of Horrors - Wisconsin
Baldwin Asylum - Illinois
MIdnight Terror Haunted House - Illinois
Fright Farm Haunted House - Minnesota
Dead End Haunted Hayride - Minnesota
Tormented Souls - Iowa
Creepyworld Haunted Attraction - Missouri
The Darkness - Missouri
The Abyss at Lemp Brewery - Missouri
Phobius Haunted House - Missouri
The Fear Factory 501 - Arkansas
Tree Farm Massacre - Louisiana
13th Gate Haunted House - Louisiana
Rise Haunted House - Louisiana
Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park - Texas
The Haunted Hotel - Texas
Cutting Edge Haunted House - Texas
Thrillvania - Texas
Scream Hollow Haunted House - Texas
Phobia Haunted House - Texas
Haunted Shadows Lake Trail - Texas
Dark Hour Haunted House - Texas
Frightmares - Texas
Hex House - Oklahoma
Trail of Fear - Oklahoma
Thunderbird Trail of Fear - Oklahoma
The Sanctuary - Oklahoma
Field of Screams - Kansas
Haunted Hollow - Nebraska
Fear Asylum - South Dakota
City of the Dead - Colorado
Haunted Field of Screams - Colorado
Reaper's Hollow - Colorado
Ghouls Gulch - Colorado
McCall's Haunted Farm - New Mexico
Fear Factory - Utah
Nightmare on 13th - Utah
Fright House Station - Washington
My Morbid Mind - Washington
Scream Park Seattle - Washington
Frighttown - Oregon
The Asylum - Nevada
Fear Overload Scream Park - California
Ultimate Terror Scream Park - California
All Saints Lunatic Asylum - California
The Hex Room - California
Gateway to Darkness - Alaska
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