In 2008, our founder, Robert Nulton began his journey as The Haunt Rater. It was never thought that he would become nationally known or have the opportunities to create lasting friendships with attraction owners like he has. 

          In 2011, Bill Bloom became the official 2nd member of The Haunt Rater. Then in 2015, Brian Pierce became the official 3rd member of The Haunt Rater. The Three have been working together ever since and have enjoyed the opportunities that have been presented to them through the years. 

          Since 2015, The Haunt Rater has been recognized nationally as a Haunt Community/Service Organization. While we do provide reviews, that is no longer our main objective. We now work with attractions to consult, provide guidance, networking opportunities and assist in fundraising opportunities when requested. We have made it to a milestone…”11 Years of Finding Fears! and we could not be more excited about what the future holds for us.

Haunted Attractions Visited Since 2008