Frightworld Information:

Address: 1460 French Road

              Depew, NY 14043



NEW FOR 2014

Here at Frightworld, America’s Screampark, we are continuously improving the event. ALL NEW FOR 2014: Our newest and most intense haunted attraction: INSANITY. With bigger and better themed attractions, improved light and sound shows, and the renovated Frightworld Café, there is never a boring moment! New creatures lurk the floor, enticing you into the improved houses ensuring that you have never had a scarier time. Come see why Frightworld is everyone’s favorite premier haunted Screampark.

Insanity - All New for 2014

Confusion. . . disorientation. . . perplexed. . . puzzlement. A few senses that will overcome you during your time here. Fear doesn’t only affect you, physiologically, it can also cloud your judgment. The group becomes tense, the leader falls back from frustrations, the alpha of the group becomes hostile, the group is no longer calm. Will you and your group be able to handle the sense of unknown? For 9 years, you have been asking for it. The most intense, high tech, mind boggling attraction you have yet to experience. Come see why everyone is being pushing to the brink of INSANITY.

Eerie State Asylum

On a remote and rutted road, at the top of a dark, lonely rise, sits a forbidden structure: The Eerie State Asylum. Here, the stench of the morgue has taken over the land. The patient rooms have been vacant for decades. Can you escape from the lunatics and the countless, endless hallways within the Asylum? Can you find your way past the horde of demented doctors and patients? Can you tell which ones are breathing or which ones are not? Are they even there? Are you going insane?


Burrowed deep in the bayou is an old rustic cabin, overgrown with vines and moss and half buried in the muck. It’s known locally as the Grindhouse where new family members have moved in to finish what was started. Damaged by fire, the house still remains. Creatures lurking with new faces of last year’s victims.


Miles from nowhere, when darkness falls, you’re lured into the unthinkable depths of an area not seen by many others. Deep in the backwoods, a deranged and disfigured family, wearing eerie farm-animal masks hunts you down. As you fight for survival through the unknown, the family is always looking to add one more. Will you be next? Will you take a wrong turn? Will you be able to fight for survival at one of the most twisted attractions ever created at Frightworld?


Phobiaz, a house built off of your deepest fears, has pushed it one step further. Taking Phobiaz that you wouldn’t imagine and bringing you face to face with them. Confront your fears and face the illusions. You won’t know when it’s safe to cross.