Well, fright fans...we had our first visit on September 14, 2013 to Field of Screams located in Mountville, Pennsylvania. What a horrifying experience we were put through that night. It was truly an amazing night filled with horror! We were literally put through Hell and then dragged back out by the Devil himself! We always love going to Field of Screams each and every  year. Starting off our season with them just starts things off in the right foot!

We went through all four attractions including the all new "Nocturnal Wasteland". Who knew that there was more room for more scares?! But, yet again the Schopf Brothers have gone above and beyond to show us all the true meaning of terror in this century! Do not take Field of Screams for granted. You will not leave disappointed!

So, take some time this frightful season and go out to see all that Field of Screams has to offer to you!

The Haunt Rater