Well, we have visited two more attractions. We have been to Fright Factory in Philadelphia, Pa. That was an experience in itself. What an adventure. We had a great time there. The ride through Philly was scary in itself! Then to have to make our way through the "Fright Factory" just sent our hearts through the roof. By the time we left we did not know what to do with ourselves.

    This past weekend we spent the day with "Jasons Woods". This, as well, was a frightening experience as always. We enjoyed going through all of the different attractions. Many people came to greet us and some even befriended us. Jasons Woods is a great place for some original scares. Especially "Lost in Jasons Woods". That is always a heart pounding experience.

    This weekend we will be visiting two more haunted attractions. Friday night we will be down in Delaware to visit the all new and redesigned "Screams at the Beach" which used to be "All hallows revenge". We have heard so much about this attraction since we were booked to come and visit its unhallowed grounds! Hopefully many of you will make the trip with us! On Saturday evening we will be visiting "Zombie Contagion" at the Harrisburg Mall! This should prove to be scarier than hell itself! Only time will tell. Last year they did a superb job. I do not expect anything less.

    Well, see you all this weekend! Keep a look out for us at each of the different attractions!