On October 13, 2012 The Haunt Rater Crew went out to visit Back Stage Horror’s Zombie Contagion. What a great interactive experience! We were first greeted by “Insane Sam” and then we met his crew of evil souls who were waiting to have us for dinner. First you enter through a haunting hallway. Many do not even make it past this unhallowed part. But, if you somehow garner up the courage to press forward, you will continue to journey on to where you will enter into the attraction itself.

            You will have your fortune told! “I see danger in your future!” What danger awaits you within this horror of an attraction? Well, you will have to go and see for yourself. You will be presented with danger! You will face your deepest and darkest fears! You will end up praying for your exit! But, watch what you pray for because that exit you prayed for, might just be your death!

            Now, as you pass through you will weave your way through the darkest of places only to find yourself coming face to face with…ZOMBIES! Don’t let them bite you! They are contagious and you may end up becoming one of the infected monsters you are so desperately trying to escape from.

            I will tell you this, if you heed the warnings of the fortune teller when you begin your journey, I promise you that you will make it out alive but, if you do not I can also promise you that will still make it out but...as one of the UNDEAD!           

If you think that “Zombie Contagion” is not scary enough for you then just wait until you get close to the end! “Insane Sam” will fix that for you! This axe wielding maniac takes no prisoners. Only parts! See it all for yourself at Back Stage Horror’s “Zombie Contagion”! You will not want to miss out!

The Haunt Rater Crew gives Back Stage Horrors 5 out of 5 Scares!