On October 7, 2011 The Haunt Rater Crew dared to venture out to visit the New, First Time Haunted Attraction Back Stage Horrors. What an attraction! If you want that feeling of constant, “in your face scares” then Back Stage Horrors is the place to visit in 2011! For a first time Haunt, they have definitely more than outdone themselves. Their graphics and designs are of a truly professional nature. There is not a high gore factor which is nice to see due to the fact that we here as the Haunt Rater Crew do not necessarily look for the “Gore Factor” so much as we look for the “Scare Factor” and this attraction has more than met our standards, even for a first time.

            As you begin you are greeted by one of their undead who explain what you need to be aware of while on your journey. As you start out your tour, you must find your way through a dark maze while having to part the “curtains” at certain times in order to make it to your next destination. You will pass through many horrors. You will meet face to face with Michael Myers who is hiding and waiting for you behind one of the curtains but, who knows which one!

            You will also encounter some wild clowns and some zombies who run amuck looking for their next meal in order to survive. You will come in counter with an alien space ship and the aliens that have are awaiting your arrival in order to make you their next experiment. You will walk through dark places, checkered rooms and many twists and turns in the hopes of finding your way out but, each turn you make, you only come to find out that there are more scares in store for you.

            As you near the end of your journey you will come to find a few more surprises and undead that would like to keep you longer. As you reach what looks like the way out you will hear the sound of a chain saw gearing up to tear into its next victim! Run, for you may become one of the everlasting and tormented souls stuck within the Back Stage Horrors. This haunted attraction is not for the faint of heart! This is a high intense and high scare factor haunt. Be sure to come prepared for the “Fright of your Life” as you attempt to survive Back Stage Horrors!