The Haunt Rater Crew visited Field of Screams on September 17, 2011.  It was an experience like no other. Our crew began our night of terror with the Haunted Hayride. Just when you think you are safe, you come to find out that you have an unwanted guest lurking just behind you and trust us, when you hear the noises in the dark from behind you, those are not sweet nothings being whispered in your ear! Every scene left you lusting for more scares and turning every way to see who would pop out of the “woodwork” next. Would it be the hillbillies, the clowns or your worst nightmare…Freddy Krueger? This is not a hayride for the light-hearted.

Our next journey took us to the Frightmare Asylum. As we entered, we quickly realized that we had stumbled upon a place of horrors not to be taken lightly. You never know who will pop out of which door or which window. Inmates ran loose and chased us giving us constant “in your face scares” that will give us nightmares for years to come. There simply is no place like the Frightmare Asylum nor are there any words to describe the terror which you will come to experience as you attempt to survive those who wish to keep you as their “experiment”. It is definitely one of a kind!

Our final destination, which we were lucky enough to escape, was the Den of Darkness. If you thought your father’s den was scary, come and take on the Den of Darkness at Field of Screams. You just might end up becoming one of the beloved collections mounted upon the walls throughout the Den. Beware as you go through those dark turns and crevices. I promise, you will see a light at the end of the shadows and you will feel safe again but, are you?

This is just a taste of the horror that you will experience as you journey to Field of Screams located in Mountville, Pa. This is not a place for the weak of heart or stomach for that matter. Dare to visit Field of Screams? Let me just give you one tip, “expect the unexpected when you take on…Field of Screams”.