Saturday, September 14th, 2015:

The Haunt Rater and his crew made their annual visit to Field of Screams. We had the distinct opportunity to be able to present Co-Owners, Jim and Gene Schopf, with the “Haunt Rater’s Hall of Scares” award for those owners who go above and beyond in service to their community, their attraction and to the haunted attraction industry.”

Field of Screams is truly a “Haunting Good Time!”


Frightmare Asylum: Step into the compounds of your worst nightmares as you enter what seems a harmless specter but, can only be described as the “Fright of your life!” You will take turn after turn and you will visit places within that only exist in the horror movies themselves…or do they? You will never know what is coming up next as you take the twists and meet the mad doctors waiting to make you their next medical experiment!

Den of Darkness: The Den of Darkness is not a mere place where you go for safety…It is a place where you go to experience all that fear has to offer and trust me when we tell you that Field of Screams has all the fear you will ever experience in your lifetime! As you walk through the Den, you will see fear in a whole new level of Darkness and you will be put through tortures of the mind but, of the soul as well! The only thing you can do is pray you come out alive!

Nocturnal Wasteland: This was our favorite attraction of the four offered at Field of Screams! This year they definitely upped the scares and fear that we experienced within the confines of this unhallowed place. It was like stepping into the depths of Hell itself without knowing if we would return to life itself. All manner of demons and hellions were found inside Nocturnal Wasteland. If you want an attraction that will keep you awake at night then go no further because here it is! “A Wasteland of eternal nightmares!”

Haunted Hayride: This is always our favorite and the best one to end our night with. Just when you think you are preparing for a relaxing ride through the night, you are really getting prepped for the ride of a lifetime! You will visit the backyard hicks, an execution scene, toxic wasteland, clown house, and much more on this scary ride of terror! Hold on tight and pray you make it to the exit alive!

Haunt Rater gives Field of Screams a straight up “10 out of 10” for a haunting good time only offered at Field of Screams!