On September 10th, 2016 the Haunt Rater Crew made our visit to Field of Screams located in Mountville, Pennsylvania. Field of Screams is “The Place for Heart-Pounding Scares” that will leave you longing for more every time. We went started out in the Den of Darkness, made our way next over to the Frightmare Asylum, then we went through Nocturnal Wasteland and ended with the dreaded Haunted Hayride.

            Den of Darkness: This place is insane! It is much more than just a “haunted house”. It is a place where you meet your worst nightmares face to face. There is no place like it anywhere. You come toe to toe with horrible creatures of the undead who have been waiting for a lifetime just to make your nightmares come true… and that is exactly what they do. Den of Darkness truly delivers the scares!

            Frightmare Asylum: Our second journey of the night took us into the depths of a type of hell where there is no literal return to this reality or any other for that matter. You enter this place of fear thinking the worst only to have your true fears realized. No matter which turn you make or which stairs you take… there is no way of knowing just what lurks in the shadows waiting for you to make the wrong move as you come closer to that which hunts you. The time for the true test has begun!

            Nocturnal Wasteland: What do you get when you add darkness to the imagination of the owners of Field of Screams? Nocturnal Wasteland. The Schopf brothers have taken the meaning of fear to another level this season. They have stepped it up a notch and added their own very special blend of fear that leaves you begging for the nearest exit…but you won’t find it. You will traverse trails of terror and twists that will have your body twitching in fright. Dare to enter the terror that awaits you?

            The Haunted Hayride: This is the place to come when you want to finish off with fear on the right foot! The Famous Field of Screams Haunted Hayride is a ride unlike any other. It is filled with characters who we all know but, do not necessarily love and even monsters from the deepest depths of hell that no one knew ever existed. If you want terror on a whole new level then, the Haunted Hayride is the place for you! Just don’t think that you are safe just because you are within the confines of a wagon because that is nowhere close to the truth!


            Enter Field of Screams only if you dare and only if you are brave enough to conquer your worst fears and nightmares because all of the stops will be taken and all of the scares will be delivered as promised and you may just end up begging to be let out. Field of screams has received the Official Stamp as “Haunt Rater Approved”!

            When we stamp such attractions as “Haunt Rater Approved” it means that these attractions received a 10 out of 10 on our rating scale and are true haunts that bring the scares to their patrons. These are the top rated haunts of the Haunt Rater! Best of Scares for the rest of the 2016 Season!