Field of Terror Review 2013

Posted by HHR Scares on Thursday, March 20, 2014

     On October 18, 2013 the Haunt Rater made his way out to New Jersey’s #1 Haunted Attraction! This attraction truly is a “Top Haunted Attraction”! There is no doubt about this. Upon entrance to the Field of Terror you can feel the chills creep right down your spine! It is no wonder why the Field of Terror is number one in New Jersey!

     Our first journey on our terror filled night began with “Dementia”. “Dementia 3D Haunted House is an adventure that not only tricks eyes but, the soul as well! Beware of the horrors that await you within these walls. They are unlike anything that you will ever experience in this world or in the world to come. Not only will you encounter the most demented of souls but, if you are not careful you may just end up as a demented soul yourself.

Scare Factor: 10 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 10

Overall Rating for the “Dementia 3D Haunted House”: 10 out of 10

      Next we made our way over to the “Unknown Barn”. Unknown is an understatement for that which you will experience in this High Thrill, High Chill journey. Not only is your next step unknown but, it is also unknown whether or not you will make it to the end…alive! The Unknown Barn sets the standard for the next attractions that you will come to experience as you make your way through the Field of Terror. Take the Dare if you care but, beware you are in for a scare!

Scare Factor: 10 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 10

Overall Rating for the “Unknown Barn”: 10 out of 10

     “Killer Kornfield” is a place where even Hell itself would not even dwell. If you ever wanted to experience the scariest Cornfield on earth then this is your opportunity. You will experience nightmarish creatures and monsters that you never knew could ever exist in your worst nightmares. Relive your fears and experience the chills at “Killer Kornfield”…at your own risk!

Scare Factor: 9 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 9 - Actors: 9

Overall Rating for the “Killer Kornfield”: 9.4 out of 10

      Our last adventure for the night ended, by enduring the treacherous “Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride”. This hayride is not for sissies! If you do not like high startle or high scare effects then, this is most definitely not the ride for you. You have the opportunity to experience horror like you never have experienced it before. You will meet many zombies waiting to have you for their next meal. Can you escape their grasp? Can you survive and make it out…Alive? These questions and more are what you will have to come to grips with and answer as you try to hide your way through this ride but, be warned no matter how hard you hide…you will be found!

Scare Factor: 9 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 9

Overall Rating for the “Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride”: 9.6 out of 10

 The Haunt Rater gives “Field of Terror” an overall rating of: 9.75 out of 10!

 “Prepare to enter the Field of Terror but, don’t get lost because you will never find your way out! –

“The Haunt Rater”