On September 28, 2012 The Haunt Rater Crew had the opportunity to visit “Fright Factory”. We were honored to be able to attend this attraction on its opening night. Opening night can be a very challenging time for many attractions. Trying to scare numerous innocent souls who come out looking for the “Fright of their lives”! Well, Fright Factory delivered! They did more than that. They went above and beyond and gave us more than we ever imagined. Every turn, every crevice, every dark path, monsters and the evil dead were popping out of the woodwork. The Fright Factory is no place for the weak. If you want constant in your face scares that will leave you begging for a way out then, Fright Factory is the place to visit.

This year Fright Factory celebrates 12 years of scaring the living daylights out of the Philadelphia area and all of its residents. There is no doubt about the quality of Fright Factory and what it has to offer to those who visit its damned halls! Within the Fright Factory there are 4 attractions that you will venture through. Do not take this attraction for granted. One wrong turn and you may never get out!


As you weave your way through the Factory you will come to find many of the cursed and tortured souls that still roam the halls of the factory. You will be given a tour guide who will attempt to get you through and out of the asylum in one piece. But, wait, what is that…Is someone trying to break through the door. Now, the lights have gone out...what’s next? Well, that is what you will have to find out when you visit Fright Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you want the “Fright of your Life” then this is definitely the place for it. This attraction is worth your time, money and…Sanity! The Haunt Rater gives Fright Factory 5+ Scares out of 5 Scares for giving us the fright of a lifetime!