On Saturday, September 28, 2013 the Haunt Rater Crew set foot inside the walls of a literal “Hell on Earth” where we experienced terror like you have never seen it before! This place does not disappoint. The only disappointment you could ever experience in your life is not having ever attended Fright Factory! Not only is it one of a kind but, it is definitely and “in your face” experience that will leave you screaming to have someone get you the “Hell out of There”!

      As you begin your treacherous journey you come to find quickly that not only are you not alone as you travel through this factory but, that you are under the constant eyes of those who wish to keep your soul as their prisoner for all of time! There will be times in which you will be so scared that you will be unable to give your heart the break it needs before it gives out entirely on you! You don’t believe us yet? Well, that is unfortunate! Maybe that is because they have already scared you to death and you just don’t know it yet!

     This attraction is definitely not for the faint of heart by any stretch of the imagination. You will see a whole new side of horror never before seen! If you want to experience real scares that make you shake within your shoes or true horror that makes you run in fear then, you have most definitely come to the right place. Your new “home” is here! Watch as you weave your way through many scary scenes that leave you stunned and wondering…”Can it get any worse?” Oh, I promise you…IT DOES!!!

     We dare you to step inside and see for yourself what the definition of fear really is as you pass through nightmares not even of this world! Good luck…for that may be all that you have left once you leave…Fright Factory!

     We have rated Fright Factory on the following five categories and provided the following ratings:

-          Scare Factor: 10

-          Theme: 10

-          Originality: 10

-          Effects: 9

-          Actors: 10

We have officially given Fright Factory and overall rating of 9.8 out of 10!!! If there is any place to go this year…Fright Factory is the place to test your courage! Take the challenge and Dare to be Scared!!!!!