Well, Halloween Park really is like no other attraction out there. That is for sure. The Haunt Rater Crew visited Halloween Park on October 22, 2011. It was different from any experience we had ever had. This place is the most interactive attractions that we have ever visited. The main attractions at Halloween Park are the “House of Doom”, “Cellar of Doom” which is a brand new attraction, “Catacombs”, and “Terror Behind The Doors.” We started out our night with the House of Doom. This was a good and long attraction which we had the pleasure to embark on. In each room we had to look for clues in order for us to be able to continue on so that we could find our way to the next attraction. We spoke to the dead, looked for clues written in blood and were taken through many different passage ways with many different obstacles.

            After making your way through the House of Doom alive, you will then be lucky enough to continue on to the Cellar of Doom. If you are not a fan of low and tight spaces then this is not for you! But, if you are then, proceed. You will meet many ghouls and ghosts that wish to keep you prisoner in the cellar of the damned so that you can suffer as they have suffered. Don’t worry about not getting out because there are ghouls around that would rather not have you as an eternal guest in their home.

            After the Cellar of Doom we made our way over to Terror Behind The Doors. It was a very neat maze. The Cellar of Doom is one big maze filled with many different passage ways to choose from. Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to find the right passageway that will lead you out to safety once again.

            The last experience that you will discover is the Catacombs. The Catacombs looks like you have entered a real cavern. When you have reached the top, you will be greeted by the “keeper of the Cavern”. You will be escorted and asked to lie within the catacombs for a once in a lifetime experience to not be forgotten any time soon. As you lay within the catacombs, the walls go up and you now find yourself enclosed in the smallest box that your body will ever be placed inside of. You will shake around as you watch a screen that makes you feel like you are being looked at as if you had been dead for thousands of years. It is definitely the most unique thing we have experienced in our tours of the different haunted attractions. If you are looking for an interactive experience like no other then, go visit Halloween Park and live the experience for yourself!