A member of the Haunt Rater crew dared to venture to visit the dreaded “Haunted Hills Estate on October 26, 2012. This was no time like any other. The Haunt Rater Crew has visited places that have been interactive before but, nothing like this. This place is definitely not recommended for young children and those who scare easy!

This place will literally leave you finding ways to stay awake but, unfortunately that will not happen. Though beware that once you do fall asleep, it will not be Freddy who will haunt your dreams but, the lingering souls who are eternally in torment on the Farm of Haunted Hills Estate will forever remain in your nightmares!

There are three terrifying interactive adventures which you will venture through while you are visiting the Farm. The first attraction which you will want to venture through is called “The Challenge Trail”. If you truly want a challenge that will wrack your brain and make you not only think fast but, make you run for fear of what is following you in the dark! Give it a try…We Dare You! One hint…The key to getting out alive is to work together, working alone to get out only will ensure the break of your sanity and an opportunity for them to take your soul!

The next adventure which you will move onto is called “Legends”. This is the two story barn which has many tales of terror and more ghosts than you could ever dream of. Are they real? Well, you will need to experience this adventure for yourself in order to find the truth! There is no other way around it. You will take twists and turns not knowing what is around each one but, I promise you…you will be scared! Try your wits out on the “Legends” Barn and see for yourself just what hell on earth must be like!

The last interactive adventure for the night was “The Chamber of Chills”. What an experience that was. It was unlike any other adventure which we have been to. If you want to take a trip back into the 1500’s or 1600’s during a time when witches were put on trial and then killed for practicing witchcraft, and how a witch trial was done and what a witch execution was all about then step inside and see just for yourself! Is she really guilty of all these accusations? Well, you must visit Haunted Hills Estate and decide for yourself.

Visit Haunted Hills Estate and you be the judge but as for the Haunt Rater Crew we give Haunted Hills Estate a 4 Scares out of 5 Scares for a nightmare that will linger in the minds of all who pass through their gates!