The moon was bright and the night was just right for our “Terrifying” tour of the Waldorf Hotel on October 12, 2013! The two main attractions located at the Waldorf Hotel are much more than “Haunting” and “Terrifying!” They are your worst nightmares! If you are looking for a place to go this Halloween season where you will literally have the “CRAP” scared out of you then, you have now found it!

            We first started out by making our way through the “Horrifying Waldorf Hotel”. This was a truly high startle attraction. If you are not ready for “in your face” action and having no option for taking any breaths to clear your head for the next scare then, this is definitely not for wimps! Come only if you “Dare to be Scared!” You will meet the “Hotel Chef, who is more than ready to prepare you for the next main course. You will also come face to face with the “Hotel Caretaker” who will be watching you to make sure you make it out…but, nobody said that you would come out alive! Face your fears and escape your nightmares within the Waldorf Hotel!

Scare Factor: 10 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 10

Overall Rating for the “Waldorf Hotel”: 10 out of 10

            Next we made our way over to “Terror in the Corn” haunted hayride and trail! What a “Hellish Experience” we were put through. Our first stop was to meet the “Pumpkin King”. This monster is no joke! Take his warnings seriously or you just might become one of the lost souls of the corn! Throughout the experience the “Pumpkin King” will conjure up evil spirits who are lurking about, waiting to capture your soul to keep for their collection. Keep your eyes out for danger because it is around every turn you take! Give your heart a thrill and continue your journey as you walk through the perilous trail. Make it out alive and live to tell the tale…to die from all the terror would be your worst error! We dare you to enter the CORN!

Scare Factor: 9 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 9 - Actors: 10

Overall Rating for the “Terror in the Corn”: 9.6 out of 10

Overall Rating for the “The Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel”: 9.8 out of 10


“We dare you to enter the horror of the Waldorf Hotel and Terror in the Corn and prepare to have the living CRAP scared right out of you!” – The Haunt Rater