On October 10, 2015 the Haunt Rater Crew were honored to pay a visit to Jason’s Woods. Once again it was a great time! The place was definitely jam-packed with people, which goes to show just what Jason’s Woods truly has to offer to its fans year after year! These guys never do disappoint.

          Going through each attraction brought you twists, turns and nightmares that you would never wish upon anyone, including your worst enemy…ok, maybe you might wish it upon your worst enemy but, only because this place has the ability to make even the most manly of men scream like little girls. Trust us…we have seen it.

          As you begin your quest of horror, you begin at the Theatre in which you are introduced to a number of frightening characters who are waiting to meet you within the hallowed woods. Dare to go on? Then meet your fate as you continue to the Chamber of Horrors. This place truly lives up to its name. No doubt about it. After you make it out, alive hopefully, you will be ushered on to the INFAMOUS Haunted Hayride, known for the horror that is stashed deep within those evil woods.

          The Hayride is a very interactive experience and a good time to prepare you for what is to come throughout the rest of the night. After you finish your ride, you will then be directed to test your courage as you make your way on foot through Jason’s Woods. It is one thing to travel by safety of a wagon… it is a totally different story to do it on foot with no safety net at all. This really is the true test!

         After finishing the first 3 attractions, you still have 3 more mind bending attractions to complete, if you can stomach it. You will then enter the Zombie Apocalypse in which you will need to watch every step and every turn because only one of two outcomes can come from entering this dreaded place, you will either become the next meal or become one of the living dead!

Next enter into the Fields of Fright. This is not a place in which you want to get lost. Though if you do, we would recommend praying for daylight real soon because this land of fright is not for the weak of heart. The daylight may be your only true way of escaping the night of the damned!

Last, you will find yourself at the carnival of fear. If you thought regular circus clowns were bad enough wait until you meet these guys. They have been waiting all night to have all kinds of fun with you!


The Haunt Rater and his crew give Jason’s Woods a rating of 9 out of 10!