On October 5, 2012 The Haunt Rater Crew was privileged to visit “Jasons Woods”. What an experience. It was an unforgettable time. We started out our night of sheer terror by entering the doors of the Jason’s Grand New Theatre. Here we were told the tales of the lost souls whom we would come in contact with throughout our travels. Our next adventure led us into the unforgiving paths of the Mystery Maze. You will be lucky if you find your way out! Next we found ourselves reliving the horror of the Haunted Hayride. What an interactive experience! We faced butchers, rednecks, monsters and demons of all kinds. This hayride will take you on a trip unlike any other. If you thought that road trips with your Great Uncle Charlie were scary then you have missed the ride of your life here only at Jason’s Woods!

After that we were sent off to the “Lost in Jason’s Woods” walking tour. You have not experienced true darkness and the horror that awaits you until you enter the dreaded Jason’s Woods! We could not make a turn without finding some creature of the night hiding and waiting in order to make us their next meal. There is no place you can run or hide to escape the unimaginable horror which you will come face to face with inside those woods! If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who survive being “Lost in Jason’s Woods” you will then make your way over to the Barn of Terror. The Barn of Terror is where you will meet up with the Evil Dead and unwanted souls who have but only one home…Jason’s Woods!

The Barn of Terror definitely lives up to its name. Your heart will be full of terror, as long as you live long enough to make it through the Barn of Terror. Upon survival of the Barn of Terror you will be taken to your next stop which is the Pirates Revenge where the mean old nasty pirates from long ago await you! They not just looking for their buried treasure but…they are looking for your soul…their greatest treasure of all! Run! Hide! I promise you, no matter where you go…they will find you!

After your great adventure at Pirates Revenge, you will take your final trip over to the Carnival of Fear. This is where the Clowns of the Night are waiting to have some fun. Darkness wherever you turn. The smell of fear is in the air. Evil laughs can be heard all around you. Beware because each turn could be your last! So, what evil awaits you at Jason’s Woods? Well, I guess you will have to go and find out for yourself! Go to Jason’s Woods and experience Terror in its purest form!

The Haunt Rater Crew gives Jason’s Woods 5+ Scares out of 5 Scares!