On October 25, 2013 the Haunt Rater Crew set out to venture to the most evil lair known to man…Nightmare Manor! The tales told will make your skin crawl right off of your bones! Evil truly knows no bounds here! You will experience the paranormal unlike any other as you journey forth through this haunted house.

            Before you may enter into “Nightmare Manor” you must first pass the test of courage by traveling through the eerie cornfield that is sure to send you out screaming for mercy! We would like to say “Never Fear” but, that would be a lie here! Fear is the only thing that will surround you as you make your way through the corn maze. Watch out for the scariest of creatures and ghosts as you travel onward.

            Now, if you have survived the dreaded corn maze and as of this point have not…chickened out, you will then make your way over to the Manor itself. If you want to see the strangest of creatures that have ever wandered this earth then come on down to Nightmare Manor because that is exactly what you will come face to face with literally as you try to get the “Hell Out” before Hell itself takes your soul as its own!

            Trust us when we say that there is literally no place to run or hide here! Eyes are on you every waking second. But, not by the living!!! We challenge all to make the trip to “Nightmare Manor” and experience the best of chills around! Gather up the courage and go on…IF YOU DARE!

Scare Factor: 8 - Theme: 9 - Originality: 9 - Special Effects: 8 - Actors: 8

Overall Rating for the “Nightmare Manor”: 8.4 out of 10!