Nightmare's Haunted House

           On October 5, 2013 the Haunt Rater Crew visited “Nightmare’s Haunted House” located in Delmar, Delaware on the Maryland/Delaware line. What an attraction! For a family operated haunted attraction, they have done a great job. Upon entering you get the feeling that something is up…well, that happened to be the hairs on our necks as we heard the blood curdling screams coming from within the Tin Barn.

            We would have never believed the terror that lied within unless we had seen it with our own eyes. Monsters, ghosts and wicked things galore! It was definitely a night to remember. You will face fears of all kinds. You will scream like you have never screamed before. You will come up against tight spaces, dark places, and scary faces!

            Now, just when you thought it could not get any worse and that the “in your face fear” was about to end…Nope, just kidding…it still goes on for what seems like an eternity. It is just non-stop horror as you pinch yourself to awaken from the “NIGHTMARE” that has such a tight grip on you. Yet, you come to realize that pinching yourself won’t do the job…why? Well, that is because you have entered a “LIVING NIGHTMARE!”

            Do you want a place that delivers scares, chills, and fears right to your very core? Then enter into “Nightmare’s Haunted House” and see what all the screams are really about!


The Haunt Rater Crew gives “Nightmare’s Haunted House” the following ratings:

Scare Factor: 8 – Theme: 8 – Originality: 8 – Special Effects: 9 – Actors: 8

Overall Rating for “Nightmare’s Haunted House”: 8.2 out of 10!