Haunt Rater Crew 2016 Review


            On November 5, 2016, the Haunt Rater Crew made their first ever journey to Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Having been our first time we had no idea what to expect. You just never know what kind of experience you are going to have. Sometimes it is a top-notch experience and sometimes you are just utterly disappointed. That was most definitely not the case at Reaper’s Revenge! Upon arrival, we were well treated and quickly got in line to wait to experience the fear we have all heard so much about.


            We began our night at Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride where we experienced the scariest haunted hayride in America! It was most definitely #1! We were scared the whole time and that is truly hard to do when you are in the safety of a wagon but, they sure did do it. It was a long enough hayride that kept us always looking over our shoulders in such fear of who would come after us and from where. We even left the confines of the wagon and were forced on foot to walk in the dark paths of the woods. It was truly terrifying!


            We then made our way to Lost Carnival where we went on foot and found all of the crazy clowns of the world and where they all seemed to converge in order to bring terror into the hearts of all who dared enter into their circus of fear! We were so daring but, after entering we realized that there was no turning back and that we would have to venture forward if there was any hope of survival. It was a purely terrifying experience as we made our way through twists and turns that put us down a path of unexpected torture that would haunt our nightmares for years to come!


            The third attraction of the night was Pitch Black. This attraction scared us to the core. Being surrounded by nothing but darkness was heart wrenching. We could hear voices all around us but, could see nothing. We felt hands all over but, could not see nor tell from where or who they came. The twists and turns left us with a feeling of wanting to get out as quickly as humanly possible. It was non-stop action as we made our way through. The monsters of the dark would not allow our souls to rest, at least not as long as we were still alive! True Terror never felt so good!


            The fourth and final attraction that we had the pleasure of experiencing was Sector 13. This place was in your face all night long. We were separated, locked up, forced onto examining tables in the hopes of making us the next experiment. Zombies, ghouls and creatures of the beyond did all they could in order to capture our souls and keep them for their ghastly collection. The kind of fear that we experience was a kind we would not wish upon anybody, not even our worst enemies! This place ROCKED!


            Our overall experience of Reaper’s Revenge was truly above that of any haunted attraction that we have ever been to and we have been to many. Reaper’s Revenge were true deliverers and gave an amazing performance proving that the impossible could be attained and that terror was the least of anyone’s worries.


Reaper’s Revenge was named as the Haunt Rater’s #1 Haunted Attraction in America! This was a hands-down, unanimous decision by every member of the crew! There is no doubt that we will continue to see more and even better things come out of Reaper’s Revenge!  


            Reaper's Revenge has been given an A++ Rating for the 2016 Season for scaring us unlike any other attraction has ever done before! This truly was and continues to be an attraction not to ever be missed!


The Haunt Rater