On October 12, 2012 The Haunt Rater Crew was able to journey down to Delaware to visit “Screams at the Beach!” There are no words on this earth that can describe the horror that we were put through throughout our entire visit. There are 5 main attractions which you can dare to venture in through. Beware because each one gets better and better than the last! There is no escaping the hands of “The Hallow” who seems to be making his way around the old town of All Hallows!

Screams at the Beach is definitely not for the weak! Even the brave barely survive! The first attraction that we went on was the Haunted Hayride. The night was perfect. You could feel the chill of death in the air as you passed by the many spirits of the damned that are forever cursed to remain at the Hallows Settlement. Watch out! You never know just where they will jump out to take your soul!

We next ventured on out to the Cornfield Maze. What a thrill! Just when you think you are safe and out of sight…You are dead wrong! Don’t make any wrong turns or it just may be your last! As you weave through you will see shadows…but where have they gone! Then when you think you have reached the end, you are only half way through. Trust me, there is a light at the end of your journey, though the real question is…will you make it out in one piece?

            The next visit we made was to the Unforgiving trails of the “Cemetery”. We almost did not want to go through. As you enter the dreaded cemetery, you feel a chill going down your back as you pass by the undead who are watching you, waiting to make you their next meal! If you survive, you will be one of the few!

After the cemetery, we made our way over to the “Asylum”. This place is nuts! Literally! Watch out for the mad doctor! He might make you one of his eternal experiments. You don’t want to be committed? Well then I suggest you find your way out and fast! Don’t get left behind or there will be no hope for you!

Last, if your heart can still beat after the many horrors which you have faced, finish the experience of a lifetime by entering the “House of Hallows”. Now, you must realize, “The Hallow” is an unforgiving soul who is out there to collect yours. He will not rest until you are his…FOREVER! Run as you might, for this could truly be your last night! Don’t let him get you. Hide, hide, hide, but I assure you, he will find you! He can hear you breathing! He can see the fear in your eyes!

If you want to experience the best “Haunted Attraction” around, go to “Screams at the Beach”. You will “Scream your head off!”

The Haunt Rater gives “Screams at the Beach” 5+ Scares out of 5 Scares for a delightfully frightful experience!