Haunt Rater Crew 2016 Review


            On October 22, 2016, the Haunt Rater Crew once again made the hike to Georgetown, Delaware where we were met by the Scream Team themselves! This was a journey that was more than worth our time and more than worth the wait for us to come back!


            We began our night at Pandemonium where we were quickly greeted by the hosts of the asylum. It was warm and welcoming…in a damning way of course. Unlike any other attraction we have witnessed. They kept us running for fear of ever making it out alive or even in one piece. This attraction is not for the weak or the false brave! It is only for the real risk takers who are truly brave enough to enter its corridors of terror! But, beware, you will be touched and possibly taken but, no worries, you may still find your escape!


            We were then taken to the Cemetery of Sorrows where we found all of the undead who were not at rest but, were awaiting our arrival in order to instill the worst fears into our souls and nightmares. We were scared out of our wits the entire time. Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. There is nowhere safe in the Cemetery of Sorrows for only the damned live within these unhallowed walls!


            Our third adventure of the evening was Abomination Acres. This attraction sets you up for the true horror that lies within these dark trails that only the bravest can escape. You are carted off to the deepest and darkest parts of the woods, chased by zombies and monsters that only live in your worst nightmares. After surviving the horror of Abomination Acres, the Scream Team totally removes your comfort blanket only to force you to leave the comfort and safety of the wagon in order to experience Escape from the Crimson Woods. This is a new level of horror that fills your soul with terror. Unable to see, unable to find, unable to sense, you totally feel more alone than ever before. You are filled with an unspeakable terror as you are chased and coerced to go where the monsters await you as their next meal. It is one terrifying experience that all should go through if you truly want to say you have lived!


            We were then escorted to the House of the Hollow where we found out the true meaning and definition of fear and terror as the monsters of the night were in our faces keeping us from freedom! It was a time of nothing but, intense and impactful scares that actually caused me, The Haunt Rater, to lose my voice by the end of the night. It was amazing to say the least!


            We then had the opportunity to experience Zombie Paintball which is the newest experience at Screams at the Beach. We enjoyed being able to make the Zombies’ eyes and mouths glow as we gave them our best shots!


            Screams at the Beach has been given an A+ Rating for the 2016 Season for scaring the literal hell out of us once again. The Scream Team, Brian Turner and Mike Milliken, are the true deliverers of terror! No doubt in our minds who has learned how to put fear into the hearts of their patrons! Fantastic and Amazing!


The Haunt Rater