Haunt Rater Crew 2016 Review


            On October 8, 2016, the Haunt Rater Crew took their journey to Sinking Springs, Pa to visit Shocktoberfest! This was a truly entertaining experience for all of us!


            Unknown 2.0: We started out going through the Unknown 2.0 which is always a unique experience for us. Once inside this attraction you are introduced to many different kinds of phobias which test your bravery, skills and patience. Monsters, ghouls, souls and the undead are all awaiting as you enter and continue on through. Those souls trapped inside will never rest until they capture your souls and have them join them in the depths of the underworld. Do all that you can to survive and make it out alive.


            Prison of the Dead: Next we went to the Prison of the Dead where we had the opportunity to meet the undead who were awaiting us in order to make us their next inmates. It was definitely an experience that left us scared to death. Trying to make our way out of the prison of the dead was one of those journeys that will live on in our nightmares for years to come.


            Zombie Safari Hayride: The Zombie Safari Hayride took us through the main area of Zombie World, allowing us to see how Zombie operations work. Throughout the hayride safari we met different types of zombies, each one as dangerous as the next. At one point the zombies were released for us to capture but, unfortunately we were the ones eventually being hunted.


            Zombie Assault Laser Tag: The Zombie Assault Laser Tag was an experience that should not be missed in 2016! We were able to a big part of all the action. We loved it! It was an amazing and fun time being able to play two separate games of laser tag. The first game being that of team vs. team and the second game being a survival mode game. Both were just awesome without a doubt.


            Shocktoberfest is a great attraction and we are glad that we had the privilege and opportunity to be able to visit them once again and spend the evening at one of America‚Äôs top attractions. Haunt Rater has given Shocktoberfest an A Rating for being able to prove that they have the best scares around!