The Haunt Rater crew made the journey out to Shocktoberfest on October 8, 2007. There are 5 different ways in order to experience this Haunted Scream Park. The Monster Midway is a good way in order to have some fun and food before beginning your long night of terror! The three main attractions at Shocktoberfest were the “Biohazard hayride”, “The Prison of the Dead”, and new to Shocktoberfest for 2011, “The Unknown”. We began our terrifying experience on the Biohazard Hayride. It is definitely not an attraction to take lightly. Just because you cannot touch the actors, does not mean that they cannot touch you. These ghouls and creatures of the night thirst and hunger for your very souls. So, what is there to do except to accept your fate and become one of the ever lingering zombies of the Biohazard Hayride.

            Next venture onto the bus of the damned as you are carted off to the Prison of the Dead. It is more like the prison of the damned. You will come to meet many of the inmates and guards who, during their time at the prison, met a grisly fate! You must do all that you can in order to survive as many try to keep you hostage so that they do not have to remain alone for eternity. You will walk through dark places without out the help of any source of light, just hoping to eventually find a way out that leads to safety. You will travel up and down flights of stairs, make your way through drainage pipes hoping to escape the carnage that follows closely behind you. All I can say is, run and don’t look back because the minute you do, it may be your last!

            After successfully making it out of the Prison of the Dead, hopefully in one piece, you will be taken back in the bus of the damned to go experience your final attraction, “The Unknown!” The Unknown is a place of all your deepest and darkest fears. You will start out by receiving a pair of 3D glasses. You will be placed in a room where you will meet Professor Strangewayes and his lovely assistant Melinda. They will start out by explaining what will take place while on your journey in the Unknown. You will experience 3D effects that may seem to be all too real! After leaving the comfort of that room you will prepare to enter the Unknown itself where you will experience your deepest and darkest of fears and relive nightmares that you didn’t even know you had. You will want to run back but, once you enter, you cannot. You will find twists and turns around each and every corner. You must find your way out in order to ensure your survival. Watch out for the darkest of places, you never know who will pop out of where next!