On October 19, 2012 The Haunt Rater Crew visited the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride. What an A+ Experience! The Bates Motel really went all out this year, giving their fans a reason to run back home, turn on the lights and hide under the covers! Upon arrival the cool of the air really sends chills down your spine. As you enter the grounds of the Bates Motel you hear the chilling screams of victims unaware of their final fate.

            We started out our night wandering through the Bates Motel itself. We were not aware of the unimaginable horrors that would await us around each and every turn and in every tiny crevice. Try as you might to catch your breath for it will all be in vain. Just when you thought you were safe and out of harm’s way…THINK AGAIN! You may actually fall prey to one of the evil monsters of the night looking to keep you as their midnight snack!

            Next, we made our way through the Haunted Corn Maze. This place is unreal! The undead are waiting for you, to make you a permanent part of their home! Run as fast as you might but, there is no escape for the unimaginable horror that waits for you in every part of that dreaded maze. Careful! You don’t want to lose your head!

            The last adventure we partook of was the famous Bates Haunted Hayride. Do not turn your back for one minute, or it may just be the last time you do! You will scream, you may even cry, and you definitely will beg for mercy as you make your way through the haunted pathways in which crazed psychopaths are looking for their next experiment! Do not let the evil spirits take your souls for you could become a permanent part of Bates’ Famous Haunted Attractions!

            There is no place to run, no safe place to hide, no one who will save you! You are on your own! The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride is the place to go for the best scares, the best thrills and chills that you will ever experience in your lifetime! Dare to take the Haunt Rater Challenge and Visit the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride and try this attraction out for yourself.

            The Haunt Rater gives The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride 5+ Scares out of 5 Scares!