The Haunt Rater crew set out on October 16, 2011 to visit the “New Jason’s Woods” located in Lancaster, Pa. There are 5 main attractions and 2 bonus attractions with the purchase of a 5 show combo pass. I would definitely suggest getting the VIP Pass in order to avoid any long lines that you may run into. As you start out, all of the attractions are lined up for you so that you know exactly where you are going. That will be the only sure thing that you will know as you come face to face with your deepest and darkest fears that would make adult men cry for their mommy! You begin by entering the “Grand New Jason’s Woods Theater. From there you come to know the new characters that haunt the woods and you are also given instructions on what to do and your chances of survival which at that point are looking quite slim.

            After exiting the safety of the theater, you are sent into the Mystery Maze where an old friend is waiting to see you! Beware as there are many twists and turns that may lead you in circles and keep you as an eternal slave of Jason’s Woods. If you are lucky enough to have made it out of the Mystery Maze in one piece, you will then continue on to the Hayride. This is where the “VIP Combo Pass” comes in handy! You will start your journey of fear down a long path in which you will come to know the dead which haunt Jason’s Woods even better than you have ever imagined. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime. After finishing the Hayride, you will be instructed to continue your perilous journey to “Lost in Jason’s Woods”. This is where you will literally get lost and will need to find your way back…if you want to live to see the next day that is.

            If you are fortunate to have survived the horrific events of being “Lost in Jason’s Woods” you will then go to the “Barn of Terror” where you will come to understand the true meaning of “FEAR!” You will have more than just a close encounter with the Third Kind, you will have a close encounter with the “other side.” After making it out of the Barn of Terror, you will be sent to “Pirates Revenge.” This attraction is entirely in 3-D. Wow! What a terrifying experience to have to live. If you decide to live it twice then, you are a Glutton for Punishment but, at the end of the day, it is so worth it! Pirates pop out from every corner, turn and crevice that can be found within this shipwrecked Pirate Ship. Don’t let the Pirates stab you in the back on the way out.

            Last but certainly not least was the “Carnival of Fear.” If you did not like clowns to begin with then, your fears have just gone to a whole new level. These clowns do not come with balloons and pretty light up toys, they are packed with weapons of death which are used to torture you and make you regret ever coming to the circus to play!

            “The New Jason’s Woods” is definitely a must see attraction for all those who like a good scare that will send their hearts beating right out of their chests. We most definitely recommend this haunted attraction to any brave soul who dares to take on the fears that await any poor soul who dares to enter. It is an experience that you will never forget and will forever dwell in your nightmares!