On October 24, 2013 the haunt rater crew set out on an adventure like no other. We would not truly come to understand what we were in for until we began on our unchartered course on the path through “The valley of terror!”

     Our first attraction of the night started out with zombie safari. We have never experienced an attraction like this ever before. It is a one of a kind experience that all should go through at least once in their life. You will board a military vehicle stocked with 22 paintball guns each loaded with 100 to 125 paintballs. You will then be given the command to stop all zombies as they will attempt to overtake your convoy group. Shoot ‘em up and get yourself on out of there before it is too late!

fun Factor: 10 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 10

overall Rating for  “zombie safari”: 10 out of 10

     So, our next “hair raising” journey led us to “the forsaken forest.” Even hell itself cringes at the sight of this walk through experience! Upon entering you will shortly come to discover just how forsaken this forest really is. If you want fear that is beyond this world then…you have more than found it. We have declared “the forsaken forest” to be the scariest haunted trail in America! There is no other experience quite like it. You will truly experience fear like no other. Come out and enter “the forsaken forest” and see what the “scariest haunted trail” has to offer to you!

Scare Factor: 10 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 10

Overall Rating for “the forsaken forest”: 10 out of 10

Our last adventure for the evening ended with the “Hayride to Hell.” Who would have thought that hell itself had a home on earth! You will quickly come to find that, that is truly the case. You will not only experience hell but, you will experience hell in a whole new “darkness!” come on and give it a go and test your courage on the “hayride to hell!”

Scare Factor: 8 - Theme: 10 - Originality: 10 - Special Effects: 10 - Actors: 9

Overall Rating for the “hayride to hell”: 9.4 out of 10

Overall Rating for “valley of terror”: 9.8 out of 10