Haunt Rater Crew 2016 Review


            On October 15, 2016, the Haunt Rater Crew made their way over to Lehighton in order to visit Waldorf Estate of Fear! What a night! No words to describe the journey in which we were placed. We saw many frightening things that will be in our nightmares for years to come!


            The Haunting at the Waldorf: We began our night at the Haunting at the Waldorf. As we made our way through the theme played well into the scary ambiance that sent chills straight up our spines. The scares were innumerable. The monsters and creatures of the night were more than ready for us as we crept our way through, hoping to make it out alive so we could experience what the Scream Queen had in store for us throughout the rest of the night. This place had us screaming and moving quite quickly. Not an easy thing to do. Well done!


            Infection: This attraction was the second attraction on our list for the night. We were given a flag football belt with three flags signifying three essential organs. Instructions were given to do all in our power and ability to keep all of our vital organs (Flags) throughout the entire attraction. Once inside, the zombies never left us alone. It was a constant struggle to stay alive and try to be as brave as possible. I, The Haunt Rater, made it out with having only lost one vital organ while my other two raters, Brian, who left with one vital organ still intact and Bill, who had lost all of his vital organs. This attraction was scary and especially once we reached the end, it was a truly heart-pounding experience for all of us!


            The Zombie Escape Room: This new attraction was one that we really enjoyed and loved the concept, as this was a first-time experience for us, and who better than to have that first-time experience with than Waldorf Estate of Fear! We were given 30 minutes to find all of the clues, obtain the key and find our escape. It was not an easy feat as we had to search the room for clues, trusting in each other and using our skills and wits in order to find the codes, combinations and secrets that would allow us to get each step closer to freedom. With about 9 minutes to spare we were able to find the key to our freedom and leave in safety instead of becoming the zombies’ next meal! Great Concept and theme!


            Terror in the Corn Haunted Hayride: Hayrides are always one of our favorite things to do since it is in the comfort of a wagon. We had the opportunity to meet the Pumpkin King and see just what he had prepared for us on our journey into the night. We were very entertained throughout the night as we met many familiar and some new faces. Many surprises were in store for us as we made our way into the corn. Monsters and creatures were popping up all over the place leaving us constantly looking over our shoulders looking for the next monster of the night.


            The Haunt Rater Crew gives Waldorf Estate of Fear an A Rating for being able to scare us literally out of our pants! Thanks for such an amazing night and opportunity! The Scream Queen does an amazing job of ensuring high levels of scares, twists, turns and a little madness in between!